Boundaries! with Alex

In this week’s episode of Shelf Acceptance Podcast, I had my amazing friend, Alex from @thebookadvocate & the other half of @thebookstagays. Alex and I are both Social Workers, but do very different jobs! We discussed the diversity in the social work experience and how there are so many different options when it comes to jobs. If you’ve ever wondered what social work really is or what kinds of jobs a social worker might do, Alex & I touched on that in this episode!

As therapists and people who work in the mental health field, sometimes it can be tough to set clear boundaries with friends and family or people who expect us to want to help everyone. We usually do, but it’s nice to be asked before having people dump their problems. Alex & I discuss how we set boundaries and the balance of finding the right way to express our needs while also being kind and not making our loved ones feel like we don’t care! Listen to us discuss why it’s so important for us to set boundaries for ourselves to keep our mental health under control and allow ourselves the time to recharge our energy.

Alex told us about two causes/organization she really cares about, which you can hear her speak about in the episode, or visit the websites below!!

LGBTQ Freedom Fund LGBT Books to Prisoners Books to Prisoners

& If you listen to the whole episode you’ll hear us chat about making a group chat for therapists, so message me if you want to join!!

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